Han Trainer Pro

Han Trainer Pro 3.95

Practice your Mandarin Chinese vocabulary, writing and comprehension


  • Lots of learning modes to prevent boredom
  • Pronunciation, meaning, stroke order and pinyin transcription all covered
  • Recognizes if you are struggling with excess vocabulary


  • Lesson layout a little confusing
  • No help file

Very good

Language learning is fun, but a challenge. For many, Mandarin Chinese is the most challenging of all, which is why Han Trainer Pro is a very interesting program.

Han Trainer Pro is an educational tool that will enable you to learn new vocabulary, practice your listening comprehension and swat up on your stroke order when writing. The trial version has 9 learning modes, 4 lessons, and 92 words for you to practice with.

The program is easy to install, with a choice of interface languages and little tips to help you on your way. Each of the nine modes focuses on a different aspect of language learning, offing you different scenarios to practice and learn. One lesson focuses on words related to the Chinese Zodiac signs and tattoos, a second to books and literature, a third to words related to materials, while the last is linked to a textbook (Practical Chinese Reader edited by Professor Chiao Wei) which is available to buy from the Han Trainer Pro website.

Depending on what options you choose, you will have the opportunity to practice the pronunciation, stroke order, meaning or pinyin transcription (including tones) of Chinese words. You can also print vocabulary lists to practice later, and, if the program sees that you are getting a lot of wrong answers, Han Trainer Pro will limit the range of vocabulary you are given until you are ready to move on.

Han Trainer Pro is a lovely program. Although it is of limited use to an absolute beginner, it could really help someone looking to practice the Chinese they have learned elsewhere. On the downside, the lessons prove a little difficult to find your way around and there is no help file if you do get stuck.

Han Trainer Pro provides entertaining, useful practice for the difficult task of learning Mandarin Chinese.

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    Saves time & keeps the motivation up.
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